For us Filipinos, every milestone is a reason to celebrate. We just love gathering the people dear to us and being thankful for blessings together: a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary.

Besides the fun-filled event, what guests also love about attending these are the souvenirs from the hosts at the end of the night, a simple memorabilia to bring home and remember the festivity by in the years to come. The meaningful tradition of giving favors actually originated from the belief that a wedding was a lucky occasion and the desire of the couple to share the good fortune with their guests in the form of small gifts.


If you’ll be hosting an event of your own and happen to be on the lookout for unique giveaways, be sure to check out our selection of ethnic products, handcrafted by the Filipino artisans belonging to our RT Crafts Enterprise community. The items we carry like chimes, coasters, napkin rings, photo frames, tealight holders, trinket boxes, and other novelties make lovely favors that serve daily functions. To create these, we make use of high quality local resources like capiz shells and abaca. Capiz shells come from windowpane oysters and are considered a glass substitute for its durability and translucence, while abaca is extracted from the leaf-stems of a species of banana native to the Philippines.


Hope we contributed in your party-planning. Cheers to more get-togethers!

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